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I like challenging books that make you think, and leave you happy that you did. Typically, I find character driven literary fiction the most satisfying, although I in no way think of myself as a serious literary critic.

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Never Let Me Go

Never Let Me Go - Kazuo Ishiguro An OK read from beginning to end, although nothing spectacular.

If the book was intended to delve into the moral philosophy of the main subject matter, it didn't do it deeply or completely enough, although that’s probably for the best since science points in the direction of things not having to happen as they did in the book. (A little vague, I know, but don’t want to give out any spoilers.)

If however, the book was more about the consequences of lying, or withholding information from children, so as to shelter them and not give them an open view of reality, and the implications of making people believe that they should accept a particular fate, especially one artificially laid out for them, then the book certainly did a better job at that.

At some point, I’ll give one of Ishiguro's higher rated novels a read, but at the moment, it wouldn't be urgent enough to put it in the top ten of my “to-read” list.