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I like challenging books that make you think, and leave you happy that you did. Typically, I find character driven literary fiction the most satisfying, although I in no way think of myself as a serious literary critic.

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Tenth of December: Stories

Tenth of December: Stories - George Saunders This was my first reading of Saunders. I think I had first seen his name in something having to do with Adam Levin. I think Saunders teaches at Syracuse and Levin was his student at one point? This book then starting popping up on Goodreads ads and in my Recommendations page. Anyway, I decided to read it, and am glad that I did. Upon rating each story individually, and then taking an average, I came out with 4.7 stars. I enjoyed all of the stories, and there wasn't one that I rated a 3. Although some of them involved slightly surreal characters in slightly postmodernist settings (which I liked, and thought was done well), all of the characters seemed to share similar characteristics, in the sense that they were all in some way downtrodden, unfortunate, struggling people (socially, physically, intellectually or financially) working through crappy situations. Among many other things, the book seemed to highlight for me the disconnect people sometimes seem to have with themselves, in the way they perceive the world versus how it really is, and the disconnect we often have with those around us, due to just how abysmally we interact and communicate with each other. All in all, a great collection of stories, and I've already added another one of his books to my "to-read" shelf.